Starting your craft brewery in the heart of

beer county is a bold move.

So, how do you out-bold the competition?


Geneva Lake Brewing Co.



Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Positioning, Logo, Custom Lettering, Illustration, Package Design



2013 Print Regional Design Award







Do we need more beer? Absolutely! Especially if it’s really great beer! That’s what impressed us most about Geneva Lake Brewing: their attention to detail. They used superior ingredients, coupled with meticulous brewing conditions that yielded unparalleled results. One taste and we knew. This was the real deal.


We wanted to let people who value good beer to know: this was a world-class brew that demanded respect. Water, hops and grain? Meet glass, ink and crimped metal! We strategically specified 24oz. amber bottles and growlers forged with tactile ink-on-glass packaging to convey bold, honest, hand-crafted flavor. The packaging reflects attention to detail, just like the beer inside. Wisconsin’s finest!

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