When you already operate Girl & the Goat, one of the
most popular restaurants in Chicago, how do you
brand a spin-off restaurant across the street?

Being the only woman to win Top Chef is impressive enough on its own. The fact that Stephanie Izard also operated an award-winning restaurant, “Girl & The Goat,” is even more so. But for that reason, her desire to introduce another space across the street posed unique challenges. How forcefully do you indicate their connection? How do you highlight one without overshadowing the other?


Stephanie Izard ’s newest venture, “Little Goat,” is her spin on the classic American diner. So we aimed to highlight the fun-loving spirit of the new space’s theme with light-hearted graphics, while retaining her specific voice as a celebrity chef.


And we’re pleased to report that “Little Goat” was named one of the top 5 hottest Restaurant Openings in America by Bon Appétit magazine.


Boka Restaurant Group, Little Goat



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